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About Dr. Katrina  M. Sanford

I'm originally from the East coast, growing up in a small town in Virginia. My parents taught me to be honest, strong, and loving.  As I grew into my Black, lesbian identity, I began to see how difficult it can be to navigate a world that is not always sensitive to the needs of individuals with intersecting identities. The oppression that I experienced based on my gender, sexual orientation, and race fostered a passion in me to advocate for the rights of others who have also experienced such treatment. I use my passion for social justice to engage with and help heal my community through indvidual and couples therapy, and educative workshops.

My educational career and life path has helped me learn that laughter is contagious, pain is penetrating, and emotions are compelling, no matter who you are, or how the world perceives you. I truly believe in the immense potential of humanity to actively develop deeper and healthier relationship to ourselves and others. And that is why I do this work.

Education and Experience

I graduated from the Adler School of Professional Psychology, now Adler University, and received my training in Sex Therapy/Sexual Health at the University of Michigan. Additionally, I completed my year-long Pre-Doctoral Clinical Internship at Fremont Community Therapy Project in Seattle, WA, a Feminist, trauma-informed, low-cost clinic for Seattle residents.


I have previous experience providing individual, couples, and group therapy with children, adolescents, and adults in several settings including: community mental health centers, schools, LGBTQ centers, in the private practice setting, and transitional housing facilities.




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