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I can help provide relief and support for individuals having difficulties in the following areas:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples Therapy including, individuals in Polyamorous/Non-monogamous or other relationship styles

  • Sex Therapy including, issues with lack of desire, sexual functioning issues, and sexual compulsions

  • Individuals dealing with symptoms of trauma

  • LGBTQ Identified Individuals

  • Individuals with Gender Identity Issues

  • Individuals with Sexual Identity Issues

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Womyn’s Issues

  • Individuals with Racial Identity Issues


I offer a variety of workshops and trainings on many topics, including, LGBT issues and concerns, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, issues pertaining to trauma and recovery from trauma, Interpersonal Relationship Difficulties (Platonic, Familial, and Romantic), Communication, and Sex and Sexuality.

Contact me for available dates and fees.

Additionally, if you are interested in stepping up your self-care or holistic treatment game, check out my Afro-centered healing arts center called Nile's Edge ( Nile's Edge is focused on de-colonizing health and education so that under-served communities can holistically flourish.


The center serves as an incubator to support African-centered practitioners who use creative, preventative, and sustainable methods to heal their community.

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